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Well, I’m supposed to be doing my study guide right now for Probability and Statistics, but I’m too lazy to do that right now that I decided to make this post, enjoy 😛

People who know me, know that I am passionate about cars. I love all kind of cars: JDM, KDM, Euro, Luxury, Exotics, Muscle, but I want to add an exception to that, I do not like Hybrid cars, they are slow :P. I love car shows, drifting, NASCAR, Rally, GT, etc, and just recently discovered three blogs that I really like and have been reading them ever since.


These guys cover the big dogs from Formula D, LeMans, GT races, etc. They have really cool videos, HD wallpapers, and even driver profiles. Really cool isn’t it?

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These guys love Japan, and of course JDM. The site is pretty much dedicated to JDM cars in Japan.

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If you love slammed cars, wide wheels, and tire stretch, this blog is for you. They have really cool photos, and some nice videos too.

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I guess I need to go back and finish my review guide now. 😉 Laterz

**I am not affiliated with any of these blogs.**


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7 thoughts on “My Most Visited Car Blogs

  1. Esau Silva says:

    My Newest Blog Post: My Most Visited Car Blogs #cars #jdm #kdm #hellaflush #gtr

  2. Paige Price says:

    i already upgraded my family car to Hybrid to help the environment.,’-

    • jgezau says:

      Is good to have a Hybrid as a family car, maybe I’ll buy one once I have family, but as a personal car, my daily driver, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I just like speed 🙂

      • Fernando says:

        That is some car….reminds me of some of the cars I used to see here when I was a youngster…fins and all those tnghis. Those of course were all right hand drive and it was strange to see one with the wheel on the left side.I remember huge Chevrolet, Buick, Dodge, Ford and so on but can you imagine being able to afford to buy the petrol for them now in Australia? You’d need your own oil well !!

  3. Lily Walker says:

    hybrid cars are energy efficient compared to diesel or gas powered cars.”~`

  4. Theo Shaw says:

    i like hybrid cars because they are more energy efficient compared to petrol engines**,

  5. Nice compilation of blogs. You should also add autoblog, it is alos one of the popular auto blogs.

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