From South Texas to Northwest Arkansas in Pictures

Every year my school has an event called HESTEC (Hispanic Engineering, Science and Technology) and a lot of companies come down looking to hire students, either for internship or full-time. Last year I interviewed with Walmart ISD (Information System Division) and got an internship with them for this summer. My trip lasted about 14hrs in two days and 823 miles; I left McAllen, TX on Thursday, May 20th, spent the night at Plano, TX, and the next day headed to Springdale, AR where I’m going to spend three months.

The trip was long and tiring but worth it and I really enjoyed it. I got kinda scared because there was a tornado watch when I was entering, if I remember correctly, Waco, TX. It got really dark and began raining hard, but luckily I didn’t got to see the tornado. When I got to the hotel, turned on the TV and in the news they where showing a picture of the tornado, it looked pretty bad, anyways, I’m here in Bentonville/Springdale, AR and really like it. Now with the trip pictures. Enjoy.

Ah, btw, the last pictures are the most interesting, probably starting from page 9 from the gallery.

P.S.: It looks way better in person that in the pictures. 🙂


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