Lake Fayetteville

Lake Fayetteville is comprised of 458 acres of land and 194 acres of water. In 1948 bonds were issued to construct Lake Fayetteville. The lake was completed in 1949. The lake was named Lake Fayetteville in 1950. The Beaver Water District was established in 1959 by Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville to provide the cities with treated water from Beaver Lake.

There are several components of Lake Fayetteville including Veterans’ Memorial, Boat Dock and Marina / Fishing, Lake Fayetteville Softball Complex, North Shore and the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks. There is a 5.5 mile nature trail around the lake as well as 2 miles of hard surface trail that, when completed, will circle the lake as well.

The trail is really nice to go jogging, biking, or just walk.


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7 thoughts on “Lake Fayetteville

  1. Marlize says:

    Wow Esau!! That all looks soooo beautiful! It looks like a beautiful place to visit and get away for a while… I’m glad you’re enjoying your visit and you better be learning a lot from this experience! 😛

    • jgezau says:

      Yes, it is beautiful, NW Arkansas is a really nice place, lots of places to visit, this summer has been amazingly good 😀 … about the Internship, not as good as I had expected, but good nonetheless … tomorrow or some day this week I’ll be posting my trip to Devils Den, cool place to go hiking 😉

  2. Esau Silva says:

    New Blog Post: Lake Fayetteville #LakeFayetteville #NWArkansas #Arkansas #fayetteville

  3. Camiila says:

    You are so incredible! I met you beucsae of Cameron And I’m a nerd like him jaja I loooooveeee photography I admire you so much I love how you edit Cameron’s videos :B I wish to be as good as you someday! Good luck wish you the best!

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