Devil’s Den State Park

This time we visited Devil’s Den State Park which in part of the Ozarks Mountains in NW Arkansas and I gotta say that it is really awesome. I really like the outdoors and this trip was perfect, we went hiking and got to see the mountains up close and the nature around me.

We had a little accident before we actually got to the park, we took a little detour and ended up lost :S but the good part of being lost around here is that we got to see some beautiful scenery around the mountains. We tried to use the GPS our phones but couldn’t get any signal, finally when I got signal in my Android phone I used the GPS (Google Navigation rocks btw) to get to Devil’s Den.

We really enjoyed our stance in the park, but I was a little disappointed with the falls and the river. The river wasn’t that full and the falls weren’t that great, very little water running thru them. But anyways, here is more info about the park if you are interested Devil’s Den State Park

Now, with the photos 🙂


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    Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my qsuetoins are answered!

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