Import Contacts in Bulk using Constant Contact Email Marketing API in ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET)

In this post I will show you how to use the Bulk Activities from the Constant Contact API to import contacts from your custom application to your Constant Contact Account.

First of all, I should note that I created this as a Console Application, however the same concept should work for a web app.

You need to have your API Key and Access Token in handy, you will need them to connect to the Constant Contact API. Once you have them I would suggest to add them to your web.config or app.config, this way you don’t have to hard code them in your app.

In the code snippet below I am getting my data from a Database Access Layer class and passing it to the methods in a DataTable. The rest of the code should be pretty self explanatory.

C# Code

namespace ConstantContact {
    class Program {
        private static string _apiKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["APIKey"].ToString();
        private static string _accessToken = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AccessToken"].ToString();
        private static DatabaseAccessLayer _dal = new DatabaseAccessLayer();
        private static IUserServiceContext _userServiceContext = new UserServiceContext(_accessToken, _apiKey);
        private static ConstantContactFactory _constantContactFactory = new ConstantContactFactory(_userServiceContext);

        static void Main(string[] args) {
            List<string> lists = new List<string>() { "1479986508" };

            DataTable dt = _dal.GetAllContacts();
            bulkCreateUpdate(dt, lists);

        private static void bulkCreateUpdate(DataTable dt, List<string> lists) {
            List<AddContactsImportData> bulkContacts = new List<AddContactsImportData>();
            var activityService = _constantContactFactory.CreateActivityService();

            foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows) {
                Address address = new Address() {
                    Line1 = toString(row["address"]),
                    City = toString(row["city"]),
                    AddressType = "PERSONAL",
                    StateCode = toString(row["state"]),
                    PostalCode = toString(row["zip"])

                CustomField cfield = new CustomField() {
                    Name = "CUSTOM FIELD 1",
                    Value = toString(row["schoolname"])

                AddContactsImportData singleContact = new AddContactsImportData() {
                    EmailAddresses = new List<string> { toString(row["primaryemail"]) },
                    FirstName = toString(row["firstname"]),
                    LastName = toString(row["lastname"]),
                    BirthdayDay = toString(row["dob"]).Split('-')[1],
                    BirthdayMonth = toString(row["dob"]).Split('-')[0],
                    JobTitle = toString(row["job_role_name"]),
                    CompanyName = toString(row["districtname"]),
                    HomePhone = toString(row["primaryphone"]),
                    Addresses = new List<Address> { address },
                    CustomFields = new List<CustomField> { cfield }

            List<string> columnNames = new List<string>() {
                "FIRST NAME",
                "LAST NAME",
                "JOB TITLE",
                "COMPANY NAME",
                "HOME PHONE",
                "ADDRESS LINE 1",
                "ZIP/POSTAL CODE",
                "CUSTOM FIELD 1"

            var addContacts = new AddContacts(bulkContacts, lists, columnNames);
            var activity = activityService.CreateAddContactsActivity(addContacts);

        #region Helper Methods
        private static string toString(Object obj) {
            return Convert.ToString(obj).Trim();


Namespace ConstantContact
	Class Program
		Private Shared _apiKey As String = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("APIKey").ToString()
		Private Shared _accessToken As String = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("AccessToken").ToString()
		Private Shared _dal As New DatabaseAccessLayer()
		Private Shared _userServiceContext As IUserServiceContext = New UserServiceContext(_accessToken, _apiKey)
		Private Shared _constantContactFactory As New ConstantContactFactory(_userServiceContext)

		Private Shared Sub Main(args As String())
			Dim lists As New List(Of String)() From { _
				"1479986508" _

			Dim dt As DataTable = _dal.GetAllContacts()
			bulkCreateUpdate(dt, lists)
		End Sub

		Private Shared Sub bulkCreateUpdate(dt As DataTable, lists As List(Of String))
			Dim bulkContacts As New List(Of AddContactsImportData)()
			Dim activityService = _constantContactFactory.CreateActivityService()

			For Each row As DataRow In dt.Rows
				Dim address As New Address() With { _
					Key .Line1 = toString(row("address")), _
					Key .City = toString(row("city")), _
					Key .AddressType = "PERSONAL", _
					Key .StateCode = toString(row("state")), _
					Key .PostalCode = toString(row("zip")) _

				Dim cfield As New CustomField() With { _
					Key .Name = "CUSTOM FIELD 1", _
					Key .Value = toString(row("schoolname")) _

				Dim singleContact As New AddContactsImportData() With { _
					Key .EmailAddresses = New List(Of String)() From { _
						toString(row("primaryemail")) _
					}, _
					Key .FirstName = toString(row("firstname")), _
					Key .LastName = toString(row("lastname")), _
					Key .BirthdayDay = toString(row("dob")).Split("-"C)(1), _
					Key .BirthdayMonth = toString(row("dob")).Split("-"C)(0), _
					Key .JobTitle = toString(row("job_role_name")), _
					Key .CompanyName = toString(row("districtname")), _
					Key .HomePhone = toString(row("primaryphone")), _
					Key .Addresses = New List(Of Address)() From { _
						address _
					}, _
					Key .CustomFields = New List(Of CustomField)() From { _
						cfield _
					} _


			Dim columnNames As New List(Of String)() From { _
				"EMAIL", _
				"FIRST NAME", _
				"LAST NAME", _
				"JOB TITLE", _
				"HOME PHONE", _
				"ADDRESS LINE 1", _
				"CITY", _
				"STATE", _
				"CUSTOM FIELD 1" _

			Dim addContacts = New AddContacts(bulkContacts, lists, columnNames)
			Dim activity = activityService.CreateAddContactsActivity(addContacts)
		End Sub

		#Region "Helper Methods"
		Private Shared Overloads Function toString(obj As [Object]) As String
			Return Convert.ToString(obj).Trim()
		End Function
		#End Region
	End Class
End Namespace

If you do not have custom fields you do not have to create the columnNames list and just pass a null to the AddContacts method.

Bulk Activities documentation in Constant Contact.


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