Software Engineer Trolling With Indian Scammer Phone Call

So I received a call at work from (Supposedly) Microsoft Technical Support. They said that my computer had been infected with a malicious virus and they were there to help me fix my computer (what a nice touch from Microsoft)..

After some trolling with this “MS Technician”, the guy transferred me to his supervisor that identified himself as a “Senior Microsoft Certified Genius” (what a great title to be a Genius). Then again after some more trolling this “genius” guy got frustrated and started speaking Indian and yelling at me, haha!! (Video Below)

If you have received these types of calls, you know they just want to steal your identity by trying to get you to Download TeamViewer so they can remote into your computer and steal identities, but anyways…the result of trolling with these Indian guys is hilarious…

Without so much ado, here is the short clip of my encounter with one of these Indian Scammers that my co-worker started recording (unfortunately he did not start recording from the beginning of the call) but I had to cut the guy short since I had real work to do. I wish I would had had the time to continue trolling with this “nice” Microsoft Tech, haha!!!

But seriously, if you ever get a call like this one, you have two options, start trolling with them or just hang up…I personally recommend the first option though….


Esau Silva
Software Engineer at Region One ESC
Full Stack Software Engineer working with Microsoft technologies, ReactJS is awesome and avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner
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