How to Override Default Validation Error Message for Integer or Decimal Property in ASP.NET MVC – The value ‘xxx’ is not valid for Property

Unfortunately Microsoft did not incorporate a DataAnnotation to change the default message The value ‘xxx’ is not valid for Property to a custom one. This is when you create an int or decimal property in your model, you bind it to an input box (TextBoxFor) then try to submit the form, then you get this […]

Flatten PDF Form Fields with iTextSharp – Two Methods – ASP.NET

I will show two methods to flatten editable form fields in a PDF file. Method 1 is true form flattening and method 2 is just making the editable fields read only. Personally I was using method 1 for some time, however in some instances (more specifically when merging images into a PDF file and messing […]

ASP.NET Controls / AJAX Extensions Not Working in iOS 8 or Safari 8 – Telerik Controls

Some time back I noticed my ASP.NET Telerik controls were not working in iOS 8 nor Safari 8, so I did a little research and I discovered that I needed to add a new browser file to my application be cause of a major version-change to AppleWebKit/600. Below is solution I found in StackOverflow.

How to Access ASP.NET Controls Inside An Outer And An Inner ASP Repeaters (Controls Inside Two ASP Repeaters)

Working with ASP.NET repeaters can be a little bit tricky if you do not fully understand them. In plain words, you have to find the outer repeater, then from here find the inner repeater, then from this inner repeater find the control(s). If I haven’t confused you enough, look at the examples, it will be […]