Quick Guide to Git and GitHub – OSX Command Line (CLI)

In this guide I will cover some basic commands to configure Git and upload your project to GitHub using OSX Terminal. OSX should already come with Git pre-installed, but just in case, follow this link to install it, Installing Git on Mac

Gives you the Git version

$ git --version

Add your name to Git configuration

$ git config --global user.name "Esau Silva"

Add your email to Git configuration

$ git config --global user.email esausilva85@gmail.com

Make an alias to checkout

$ git config --global alias.co checkout

Make an alias to create a branch

$ git config --global alias.br branch

Make an alias to commit

$ git config --global alias.ct commit

Make an alias to show the status

$ git config --global alias.st status

This will show all your Git configurations

$ git config --list

Before you start uploading your code to GitHut, you will need to create an account with GitHub, create a repository and generate an SSH key. Follow the following guide to create the SSH key Generating SSH Keys

Once you have created your account and generated the SSH Key, you are ready to start using GitHub

At this point, you will need to be at the root of your project

Initializes the repository

$ git init

Add all the files of your project to the staging area

$ git add .

If you want to see all the files that will be added to Git

$ git status

Commits your code to Git

$ git commit -m 'first project version'

Sets up GitHub as the origin for the master branch. Remember yo change <<username>> with your GitHub username, and <<repository_name>> with the name of the repository you created

$ git remote add origin git@github.com:<<username>>/<<repository_name>>

Finally push your project files to GitHub. Remember to always push the origin to master

$ git push -u origin master


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