Amazing Grace – Golden State Baptist College – With Lyrics


“Amazing Grace”
By Golden State Baptist College

In the Bible there is a precious story
How the Savior left His wondrous home in Glory (Home in Glory)
Came to earth and brought salvation’s power
Sending down ??? Of Amazing Grace (Amazing Grace)

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound
(oh what Grace, wondrous Grace, oh how sweet, sweet the sound)
That saved a wretch like me!
(Grace that saved, saved a wretch, saved a sinful wretch like me)
I was once lost, but now am found
(I was lost, once was lost, I am found, now am found)
Was blind, but now I see
(I was blind, once was blind, now I clearly see)

Oh the joy that, over me comes feeling
Precious love revealing
Every glorious moment (every moment)
Oh how priceless is this joy eternal
Praise the King supernal
For Amazing Grace (Amazing Grace)

//Chorus //

I Was blind, but now I see
(I was blind, once was blind)
I seeā€¦

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