React Starter Boilerplate with Hot Module Replacement and Webpack 3

This is a basic React boilerplate with React 16, Webpack 3 and Semantic UI React


  • React 16
  • React Router 4
  • Semantic UI as the CSS Framework
  • Hot Module Replacement
  • CSS Autoprefixer
  • CSS Modules with SourceMap
  • Stage 1 Preset
  • Webpack 3
  • Code Splitting by Route and Vendor
  • Take a look at package.json


Download or clone the GitHub Repo: react-starter-boilerplate-hmr

cd into react-starter-boilerplate-hmr directory then

$ yarn
$ yarn start


$ yarn build

Will create a dist directory containing your compiled code.

Depending on your needs, you would probably want to do more optimization to the production build.

GutHub Repo



This is how the boilerplate looks when you first run it.


Esau Silva
Software Engineer at Region One ESC
Full Stack Software Engineer working with Microsoft technologies, ReactJS is awesome and avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner
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