Mac OS X Not Recognizing Galaxy S Phones

When I bought my Galaxy S phone (Sprint Epic 4G) I was really excited about the phone until I connected it to my Mac, to my surprise, OSX wouldn’t recognize the phone, so Mounting the phone as USB Mass Storage was of no use, nor trying to connect it thru ADB; I was very disappointed. I rushed to Google trying to find an answer and to my surprise, I wasn’t the only one having the same problem, some people were able to connect for a couple of seconds then OSX would kick them out of the system, some others wouldn’t connect at all, and some other ones connected just fine. Digging deeper I found several solutions:

  • Make sure you have USB Debugging turned on in your phone (/Settings/Applications/Development/USB Debugging)
  • Try restarting the phone and changing USB ports
  • Try a different USB cable, the one out of the box is not so good
  • Try connecting the phone thru a powered USB Hub

Since I did not want to buy an expensive powered USB Hub, I tried the first three choices with no luck. First, I bought two USB cables, one from RadioShack and the other one from Sprint Store, neither worked, the only one that has worked is the one provided, but just for a couple of seconds, then OSX would kicks me out of the system.

So I decided to buy a powered USB Hub, but instead of buying an expensive one from BestBuy, I went to eBay (my favorite site) and got myself a cheap, 10 bucks, one. When I plugged my phone through it, daaang, worked at firat try, amazing!!! I was pleased. So if you have a 5th gen Mac and a Galaxy S phone, chances are you will be needing a Powered USB Hub.

On a side note, it seems that either the Mac or the phone requires more power for some reason, weird cause works perfectly fine on a Windows box.

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