Flatten PDF Form Fields with iTextSharp – Two Methods – ASP.NET

I will show two methods to flatten editable form fields in a PDF file. Method 1 is true form flattening and method 2 is just making the editable fields read only. Personally I was using method 1 for some time, however in some instances (more specifically when merging images into a PDF file and messing with the editable fields), this specific method would throw an error upon opening the PDF file in Adobe Reader stating that Acrobat may not display the page correctly, however I never noticed anything wrong with the PDF file, everything was being displayed correctly, but this “error” was kinda annoying, so I opted to change the code a bit to make all the fields Read Only instead of flattening the form.

Below is the code to perform both, flatten the form and make all the fields Read Only.

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Side by Side Comparison Between Logos Standard and Baptist Packages – Starter and Bronze

Recently I was looking into getting the Logos Bible Software so I made a side by side comparison between Starter and Bronze base packages, Baptist and Standard families. I’m sharing my findings and hopefully they will be beneficial and a deciding factor on which package to get as it was to me.

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ASP.NET Controls / AJAX Extensions Not Working in iOS 8 or Safari 8 – Telerik Controls

Some time back I noticed my ASP.NET Telerik controls were not working in iOS 8 nor Safari 8, so I did a little research and I discovered that I needed to add a new browser file to my application be cause of a major version-change to AppleWebKit/600. Below is solution I found in StackOverflow.

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Cannot Install ‘pg’ gem in Mac OSX – Error installing pg: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension — Ruby on Rails

If you are planning on using PostgreSQL with Ruby on Rails, you will need to install pg, which is the Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL RDBMS. The command to install it is as follows:

$ gem install pg

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How to Access ASP.NET Controls Inside An Outer And An Inner ASP Repeaters (Controls Inside Two ASP Repeaters)

Working with ASP.NET repeaters can be a little bit tricky if you do not fully understand them. In plain words, you have to find the outer repeater, then from here find the inner repeater, then from this inner repeater find the control(s). If I haven’t confused you enough, look at the examples, it will be clearer 🙂

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Android Studio – Error While Loading Shared Libraries: libz.so.1

If you are running Android Studio in Linux Mint / Ubuntu 64bit and you just updated to the latest Android Studio version, you might get the following error:

/home/esilva/IDEs/android-studio/sdk/build-tools/19.1.0/aapt: error while loading shared libraries: libz.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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How To Delete a Module in Android Studio

Android Studio is a great tool, and way better design than Eclipse in my humble opinion, yet not every software is perfect and one of the things it falls short (and by that I mean user friendly) is when it comes to deleting a module within yout project. The folks over at JetBrains made this a complicated task. Instead of just having to press the Delete button, you have to perform several steps, and in my point of view, the less steps the better, but anyways, below I show you how to accomplish this.

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