How To Delete a Module in Android Studio

Android Studio is a great tool, and way better design than Eclipse in my humble opinion, yet not every software is perfect and one of the things it falls short (and by that I mean user friendly) is when it comes to deleting a module within yout project. The folks over at JetBrains made this a complicated task. Instead of just having to press the Delete button, you have to perform several steps, and in my point of view, the less steps the better, but anyways, below I show you how to accomplish this.

  1. Right click on your project window list and select Open Module Settings from the menu
  2. Select the module you want to delete and press the minus button at the top left corner of the window. Then press Yes
  3. Since this will only remove the Module from Android Studio, you have to physically delete the files from the file system
  4. If you had configurations to run this Module, you will have to also remove those. Click the Select Run/Debug Configuration dropdown
  5. Select the Android Application you wish to delete and press the minus button from the top left corner of the window and then press OK button

That’s it folks, happy Android coding!!


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