Learn Webpack for React

You know React, you know create-react-app, but now you want to learn Webpack to create your own configurations and run React. In this tutorial we will see the basics of Webpack for React to get you started, including React Router, Hot Module Replacement (HMR), Code Splitting by Route and Vendor, production configuration and more.

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Profile Updater – A React App to Update Your Social Media Profiles: Twitter, GitHub & Facebook

If you are anything like me when it comes to keeping your social media profiles in sync, then you could benefit from this app. The purpose is to type your profile information once, and then send the updates to your profile in Twitter, GitHub & Facebook.

Just to note, this project is still in development and not ready for production usage, however it is up to a point where I feel comfortable to make it public. As of the time of this writing, you can already send updates to Twitter and GitHub.

Also, once the project is complete, I will create a series of blog posts tutorials on building this app, including Webpack configuration for development and production.

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Bricking My Android Phone And Bringing It Back To Life With The Power Of ADB Commands And TWRP

I was running an Android 7.1.1 custom rom, more specifically PureNexus (which is a great rom by the way), in my Nexus 5X and decided to upgrade to the latest build of PureNexus. So I did what every good person would do, I created a nandroid backup utilizing TWRP and I thought I was redy to revert back in case something went wrong with the upgrade.

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