FullCalendar – jQuery Event Calendar in ASP.NET

This event calendar implements JQuery FullCalendar in ASP.NET.

Update: 01/31/2017: updated libraries; removed commented code; refactored code

Features of this event calendar

  • Create single day events
  • Create multiple day events
  • Create all day events
  • Update existing events
  • Delte events
  • You can add a name and description of the event
  • When you hover over an event opens a modal window with more information about the event
  • Drag & Drop events
  • Rezise events



EventDAO class is the main class which interacts with the database and SQL Server express edition has been used. The event information is stored in a table named event in the database.

And below is the database table specs:

event_id      |  int [identity]
title         |  VarChar(100)
description   |  VarChar(200)
event_start   |  DateTime
event_end     |  DateTime
all_day       |  Bit

Finally, to open the project, just open Visual Studio then File -> Open Website and select the solution folder

GitHub Repo

You can access and/or download the code in the repo: ASP.Net-EventCalendar

Screenshots Below

Have fun.


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